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About me:

Hey there, everybody and welcome to my deviantART page!
I'm a 26 years old woman with Asperger's, from Argentina and I'm a big fan of King Julien.
My biggest passion is drawing as you can imagine. Even if I still need to improve in some things I still love it.
I also love listening to music from my favorite band which is Foster The People, watching cartoons, reading comicbooks and play videogames.

My boyfriend :heart:

My cartoon crush is King Julien ♥
I have a crush on King Julien_stamp by Julieness-MadnessKing Julien fangirl_stamp by Julieness-Madness
 photo valentinesjulien_zps4d2c31eb.png
 photo dancinglemur_zps1b9d2214.gif

Other sites you can find me:

Argentine Language Level 3/3 by Khamykc-BlackoutSpanish lang4 by Faeth-designUSA Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design
"Argentina Flag" Stamp by penaf"Argentina Flag" Stamp by penaf"Argentina Flag" Stamp by penaf
Argentina flag by Ehsan-mArgentina flag by Ehsan-mArgentina flag by Ehsan-m

My birthday badge

Best buddies


I don't do them. NO EXCEPTIONS!

NOT REQUEST button thingie by blackstormNOT REQUEST button thingie by blackstormNOT REQUEST button thingie by blackstormNOT REQUEST button thingie by blackstorm

King Julien <3

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 photo kj397_zps4a07a621.png

 photo kj426_zps8a0842cc.png

 photo tv-all-hail-king-julien01_zps856736ed.jpg

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 photo julien21os_zpssrgjupvw.gif  photo madagascar-dancing-julien_zpspcjrx3ly.gif

 photo kj495_zpsbptzvt6p.gif

King Julien icons

King Julien pervy face icon by Julieness-MadnessCool Julien icon by SugaryDonutzJulien ''I came'' icon by SugaryDonutzJulien flirt icon by SugaryDonutzWut Julien icon by SugaryDonutzAll Hail King Julien icon by SugaryDonutzAll Hail King Julien icon 2 by SugaryDonutzHappy Julien icon by SugaryDonutzSerious Julien icon by SugaryDonutz7_7 Julien icon by SugaryDonutzSmirk Julien Icon by SugaryDonutzJulien ''What?'' Icon by SugaryDonutzJulien is mad icon by SugaryDonutzHmph Julien icon by SugaryDonutzJulien pervy face icon by SugaryDonutzSmexy Julien icon by SugaryDonutzJulien swag icon by SugaryDonutzNeutral Julien Icon by SugaryDonutzBored Julien icon by SugaryDonutzSad Julien icon by SugaryDonutzEvil smile Julien icon by SugaryDonutzOh so happy Julien icon by SugaryDonutzJulien WTF icon by SugaryDonutzUnimpressed Julien icon by SugaryDonutzMischievous Julien icon by SugaryDonutzJulien kiss icon by SugaryDonutzCreepy Julien icon by SugaryDonutzAnnoyed Julien Icon by SugaryDonutzSexy Julien icon by SugaryDonutzPissed off Julien icon by SugaryDonutzEvil Julien icon by SugaryDonutzAdorable Julien Icon by SugaryDonutzDerp Julien icon by SugaryDonutzRAGE FACE Julien icon by SugaryDonutzJulien sexy face icon by SugaryDonutzOMG Julien Icon by SugaryDonutzCute Julien icon by SugaryDonutzWTF Julien icon by SugaryDonutzBossy Julien icon by SugaryDonutzJulien hey there icon by SugaryDonutzSRSLY Julien icon by SugaryDonutzJulien sees you icon by SugaryDonutzDat Julien face tho icon by SugaryDonutzJulien GAH! by SugaryDonutzJulien FFS by SugaryDonutzJulien What the fuck is this shit?! by SugaryDonutzJulien Y U NO?! by SugaryDonutzJulien Dafuq by SugaryDonutzMysterious Julien by SugaryDonutzJulien I'm sexy and I know it! by SugaryDonutzCutie Julien by SugaryDonutzJulien Stupid smile by SugaryDonutzJulien Hurr hurr by SugaryDonutzJulien sees what you did there by SugaryDonutzCat Julien by SugaryDonutzJulien happy face by SugaryDonutzEvil face Julien by SugaryDonutzJulien wat by SugaryDonutzJulien I wouldn't eat that side of the cake... by SugaryDonutzJulien He's sexy and everyone knows it by SugaryDonutzJulien Getting real tired of your bullshit by SugaryDonutzJulien SPAZZ ATACK! by SugaryDonutzJulien dang sexy by SugaryDonutzJulien is dizzy by SugaryDonutzJulien you know? by SugaryDonutzJulien Are you serious? by SugaryDonutzJulien I'm going to puke by SugaryDonutzJulien rave by SugaryDonutzJulien You make me lol at your failure by SugaryDonutzJulien You can't beat my swag by SugaryDonutzJulien PARTAY!!!1111 by SugaryDonutzJulien is watching you by SugaryDonutzJulien is in love by SugaryDonutzJulien 1 by SugaryDonutzJulien FACEPALM by SugaryDonutzJulien I am being disappoint by SugaryDonutzSassy Julien by SugaryDonutzChillin Julien by SugaryDonutzJulien Eeewww by SugaryDonutzJulien I see you by SugaryDonutzJulien kiss me by SugaryDonutzFancy Julien by SugaryDonutzJulien You are boring by SugaryDonutzJulien 2 by SugaryDonutzJulien is serious by SugaryDonutzJulien You kidding right by SugaryDonutzJulien joyful by SugaryDonutzJulien is proud of himself by SugaryDonutzJulien bunch of pansies by SugaryDonutzJulien 3 by SugaryDonutzSweet Julien by SugaryDonutzFirefighter Julien by SugaryDonutzJulien is naked by SugaryDonutzJulien tehe by SugaryDonutzJulien sees himself naked by SugaryDonutzJulien 4 by SugaryDonutzAfraid Julien by SugaryDonutzSatisfied Julien by SugaryDonutzJulien hi there by SugaryDonutzJulien BOOTY by SugaryDonutzJulien aaaww by SugaryDonutzNerd Julien by SugaryDonutzDepressed Julien by SugaryDonutzJulien My head is naked by SugaryDonutzJulien OMG by SugaryDonutzJulien U mad by SugaryDonutzJulien sees by SugaryDonutzEvil Julien by SugaryDonutzJulien hurr (Icame) by SugaryDonutzJulien big eyes by SugaryDonutzJulien herp a derp by SugaryDonutzJulien Are you fucking kidding me by SugaryDonutzJulien Aw shit by SugaryDonutzJulien I'm a lady by SugaryDonutzJulien proud by SugaryDonutzJulien perv by SugaryDonutzJulien sexy smile by SugaryDonutzJulien WTF EEWW by SugaryDonutzJulien WTF by SugaryDonutzJulien snowcone by SugaryDonutzJulien pervy smirk by SugaryDonutzReal life Julien by SugaryDonutzJulien too sexy for you by SugaryDonutzJulien OMG WANT by SugaryDonutzJulien you mad by SugaryDonutzJulien I like to move it move it by SugaryDonutz

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Favorite characters:
Stamp: King Julien by Roxy317King Julien - stamp by kancleJulien - stamp by kancleEd Edd 'n Eddy - 002 by Stamps4JournalsEd Edd 'n Eddy - 001 by Stamps4JournalsStimpy fan stamp by SugaryDonutzJelly Kid stamp 3 by SugaryDonutzRigby Stamp by EighteenOhSevenScribblenauts Stamp by Candy-SwirlBMO by StrobenessFerb Stamp by L-monStamp- Teemo by ChocolateLightGumball stamp by melissatuttiItchy and Scratchy stamp by SugaryDonutzRaving Rabbits Stamp by lila79Minion Stamp by DjmusicandcartoonsFuleco stamp by SugaryDonutzYoshi Stamp by WinterSinRigodon stamp by SugaryDonutzBlooper stamp by SugaryDonutzConker stamp by SubspacecharmanderMario Bros. 3 Stamp by TheEmptyCanvas
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I think I have a problem...

Fangirling much? :iconhurrplz:

Sorry for the spam. It's just that I can't stop. I simply can't.

I regret nothing :iconicameplz:
  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Foster The People-Best Friend
  • Watching: Penguins of Madagascar
  • Playing: Penguins of Madagascar for Nintendo DS


Stop asking me if I stopped drawing EEnE fanart! YES, I STOPPED DRAWING THEM! SO WHAT?! :|

What style of King Julien do you like more? 

15 deviants said All of them! Happy Julien icon by SugaryDonutz Julien joyful by SugaryDonutz All Hail King Julien icon by SugaryDonutz
10 deviants said All Hail King Julien style:…
8 deviants said Madagascar movies style:…
6 deviants said The Penguins of Madagascar style:…




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